05 October 2011

Top Ten Professions with high Depression and anxiety

According to the newest medical information carried out by scientists, the chosen professions are also the source of depressions. There are some of the careers, which are supposed to have the high rates of depression victims.We cover the top ten depressing professions which are:
1-Teaching Staff:
Teaching is no doubt a social welfare career, and the teachers have their own respect n the society as
well, but the pressure of administration, the curious parents for their children, and the misbehave
attitude of the children lead them towards the depression problems.

2-People in Health care:
The persons related to this career have most of the depression and stress problems, because of the long working hours, risks with the human lives and number of deaths in-front of them.

3-Social Workers:
Social work is third in the list, as they social workers need to deal with socially, mentally and physically abused persons.

4-People in Food Industry:
The food industry is at second place in the list of most depressing careers. This is because of the rude behavior of the people towards them, low wages, and less success opportunities.

5-Home Care/Nursing:
Nursing is a noble profession, but unfortunately, because of poor feedback from the society, the nursing or home care related employees have more depression and loneliness rates than others.

6-Fine Arts:
These artistic people mostly have lower and irregular income, no planned working schedule and the isolation (which is the demand of their profession), so they are usually depressed, and this depression sometimes lead them towards bipolar attitude.

7-Supporting staff:
This is very demanding career, which requires lots of efforts, but return in a lower opportunities, that’s why the administrative supporting staff have the high depression rates.

8-Sales Persons:
They usually have insecurity about their income, as most of their work is on commission basis, also their long time duty, continuous interaction with the people, the rude behavior of the costumers, and several other factors are the causes of the depression in sales persons.

9-Maintenance staff:
They always need to be available for all kinds of machine and operations break downs, and failures, caused by the operating staff. So it is very depressing attitude for any one to remove other’s created problems.

10-Finance Career:
They have to deal with a massive amount of money, which is totally their responsibility, so they usually feel insecure, and under stress.

After going through the list, surprisingly the professions like lawyers,engineers,Dental doctors Pharmacist etc are not in the list.Our suggestion is that every profession is important in life.Your health is important.Do not waste it by getting depression.Life is nothing without the professions mentioned above.Social community should treat them with politeness.Just imagines your life without them.

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