27 July 2012

About "natural" Foods

The word “natural” on a food label may or may not mean anything about how the food was produced or what it contains. This is because no official, United States FDA definition exists for “natural” foods except for meat, poultry, and eggs overseen by the USDA. Natural is defined by the USDA for its products by answering two questions:

26 July 2012

Healthy and Delicious: 10 Actions to eat Like an Olympian

Today we’ll deal with other side of the Unleash-Your-Inner-Olympian equation: a normal and balanced diet. Here at StumbleUpon, we asked ourselves: what should you do if you want to start eating like an Olympic athlete?

02 May 2012

5 tips for healthy skin

Good balanced epidermis treatment — such as sun security and soothing washing — can keep your epidermis balanced and shiny for years to come.
By Mayonnaise Hospital staff
Don't have time for extensive epidermis care? Treat yourself with the fundamentals. Excellent balanced epidermis treatment and balanced lifestyle choices can help delay the natural ageing and prevent various epidermis issues. Get started with these five no-nonsense guidelines.

1. Secure yourself from the sun
One of the most essential ways to deal with your epidermis is to guard it from the sun. A lifetime of sun exposure can cause facial lines, age spots and other epidermis issues — as well as increase the risk of melanoma.

28 March 2012

14 ways for keeping your liver more healthy

1.  Put the six-pack back, Jack
Half of all the alcohol addiction beverages absorbed in The united states is absorbed by only ten percent of the inhabitants. One in three mature People in the united states is a weighty wine-drinker, with a adequate alcohol addiction beverages addiction to be indistinguishable from an alcohol addiction. Such conduct damages livers.

07 March 2012

4 steps to a healthier diet

Consuming should be a life time procedure of wholesome yourself. Demanding dieting, fad diet plans such as the Low carb diet plan, severe diet plans, firm meals tracking, or addiction to sugars, caffeine and other stimulating elements can all damage your metabolic rate and halt the refreshing and fixing procedure of your body, mind and soul.

04 March 2012

Stop Wrinkles around your eyes

What's there to like about eye wrinkles? Nothing! They create us overall look and feeling mature than we are and also create us invest our cash on item after item. Who needs that?

But did you know you're probably inspiring your eye wrinkles and wrinkles to increase or even get deeper? It's true! Examine out the 4 most typical faults people create that gives your experience the terrifying anti getting older. Start modifying your routines these days and quit your eye wrinkles and wrinkles in their paths.

23 February 2012

Omega 3 fatty acids

These types of fats are called polyunsaturated fats. One popular form of polyunsaturated fats is found in cooking oil such as olive oil.
While vegetable oils and margarines are high in polyunsaturated fats they don't contain omega 3 fatty acids, also known as Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).
These fatty acids are considered essential because they're important building blocks for every cell in your body. Your body can't produce these special fats so you must get them from your diet.

18 healthy ways to save money

 Begin to save money today. Do not put it off. Saving money is within your control and can bring you huge benefits. You will reap the rewards of saving money for years to come.But if you save money and help your health it would be very good for you.

Prunes ( dried plum )

Sweet with a deep taste and a sticky chewy texture, prunes are not only fun to eat but they are also highly nutritious. As with other dried fruits, they are available year round. Prunes are actually the dried version of European plums and recently had its name officially changed to dried plum.
you can read this article too  Fruits that Lower Blood Pressure

07 February 2012

Educated people have better health

 We knew that Health and income are in close relation but what about Education?
Education is associated with a number of desirable aspects in life. Recent studies have shown that happiness or life satisfaction is positively determined by health, a stable job, and a satisfying family life. Diseases and illnesses, unemployment, divorce and criminal behavior are strong determinants of depressions and negative attitudes toward life. Many of the aspects that make people unhappy are more prevalent among the lower educated than among the higher educated. Unemployment rates are generally much higher among lower educated workers than among the higher educated. Lower educated people experience more health problems and have a shorted life expectancy than higher educated. Lower educated people are more likely to smoke, engage in excessive alcohol consumption and to be overweight and obese. Lower educated people commit violent crimes more frequently. Other forms of criminal behavior are also more prevalent among lower educated people. Only tax fraud is committed more frequently by higher educated people .

04 February 2012

Dried Banana

Banana is an excellent source of potassium and it has many other benefits. we had 4 posts about banana.you can read them too.

Banana dessert : Roasted Bananas With Sugar-Walnut Glaze

Banana : Lower blood pressure

Banana Milk Shake

Dried bananas are peeled, sliced and dried ripe bananas. They are crisp, sweet, and pale white in color. sometimes dried bananas are colored, sulphured and sweetened. Make sure you read the label .But it’s very easy to prepare it at home.

03 February 2012

Top 19 Foods Highest in Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin required for vision, gene transcription, boosting immune function, and great skin health. A deficiency in vitamin A can lead to blindness and increased viral infection, however deficiency is only considered a problem in developing countries where it is a leading cause of blindness in children. Over consumption of vitamin A can lead to jaundice, nausea, loss of appetite, irritability, vomiting, and even hair loss.

Prepare medlar jam

 We had 2 posts about medlars ( Did you hear anything about medlar? & Medlar, Try it ! )

 Here you can learn how to prepare medlar jam.

02 February 2012

Be careful about pets

Pets are an endless source of affection, but they can also spread illness in a household. Experts offer the following tips for keeping interactions with your pets a source of pleasure, not disease:

Fruits that Lower Blood Pressure

Prunes : Prunes are sweet to taste, and have a sticky, chewy texture. A quarter cupful of prunes contains 316.6 mg of potassium and only 1.7 mg of sodium.Potassium is essential to maintain blood pressure and cardiac function as well as prevent atherosclerosis (clotting of blood in the blood vessels), whereas a low level of sodium can help lower high blood pressure.

10 January 2012

Did you eat Rye bread?

Rye is a cereal grain that looks like wheat but is longer and more slender and varies in color from yellowish brown to grayish green. It is generally available in its whole or cracked grain form or as flour or flakes that look similar to old-fashioned oats. Because it is difficult to separate the germ and bran from the endosperm of rye, rye flour usually retains a large quantity of nutrients, in contrast to refined wheat flour.
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