25 November 2011

Banana Milk Shake

We had some posts about banana 
Now I suggest you one drink made of milk and banana:
Banana Milk Shake is a healthy, creamy milk shake with mouth watering banana taste. It is rich in potassium and dietary fibre. Banana Milkshake is an ideal healthy drink for small babies and growing kids. Banana’s are easy to digest and gives instant energy. Banana milk shake is perfect drink to get instant energy at anytime and is a choice of party drink for many. Learn how to make Banana Milkshake at your home for your healthy breakfast by following our easy and instant Banana Milkshake Recipe.
 Ingredients :
1.5 piece of Banana
A pinch of Cardamom Powder (optional)
4 piece Cashew nuts (chopped)
4 piece Almonds (chopped)
3 cup Milk (chilled)
2 scoop Ice Cream (Vanilla)

How to prepare :
  1. Chop bananas and place them in to blender.
  2. Add 1 cup of milk and Blend until mixture becomes smooth.
  3. Add remaining milk and ice cream in it and blend it again for 1 minute.
  4. Healthy Banana Milkshake is ready to serve.
  5. Pour Banana Milkshake in serving glasses.
  6. Garnish Banana Milk shake with chopped almonds and cashew nuts.
  7. Serve chilled Milk shake.

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