23 February 2012

18 healthy ways to save money

 Begin to save money today. Do not put it off. Saving money is within your control and can bring you huge benefits. You will reap the rewards of saving money for years to come.But if you save money and help your health it would be very good for you.

1. Ride your bike to work, or take public transportation
2. Never drink and drive
3. Eat before you go food shopping
4. Make your own coffee
5. Limit your dinners out to once a month
6. Don’t drink alcohol
7. Stop smoking cigarettes
8. Don’t buy junk food ever again
9. Learn how to do basic home repairs and maintenance
10. Drive the speed limit
11. Eat less meat and more beans for protein instead
12. No more fast food
13. Drink water
14. Plan your menu for the week
15. Use your shopping list
16. Grow your own spice and vegetable garden if you can
17. When traveling, carry food
18. Don’t play the lottery

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